Class/Course Management

Submit request to add classes/course with admin as per your requirement. View all approved classes and manage.

Subject Management

Add/Edit/Delete subjects with course/class as per requirement for easy classification and student assignment.

Student Management

Submit request to add students with course/class details with admin as per your requirement, once approved start working with students.

Study Material

Share study material in PDF, PPT, Word, Video or external URL with students with option to share material to all student of a course or share it individually. All student will get email notification for new study material upload

Video Tutorials

Share video tutorials for each subject with students to give them better way to learn concept. Video tutorial helps to share important classes recording or other important topic detail in your own voice. Email notification to students for each new video tutorials

Online Assessments

 Create time bound objective (single choice or multiple choice) questioner test (On-time or Multiple time) for each subject and share with students. Student can go for test and see the response right away. As teacher you can view the assessment response for each student.


Send Homework (attach file) to all students of a course or for a subject in one click with message. Students can respond back homework message with completed worksheet.

Messaging System

Send/Receive messages to/from student on system for easy communication and notification both online and offline.

Schedule Classes

Schedule online classes for each subject/grade. You can schedule online class in advance for easy management. Students will received an email notification for each scheduled online classes

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